Dinosaur Valley | Legoland

Client: Legoland


Special Services Group




1.32 acres


Align Builders led a design-build project to renovate two existing attractions and surrounding pathways into the new Dino Valley land at Legoland San Diego. Align Builders utilized trade partners to investigate the existing infrastructure and pathways to economically influence the design of a completely new layout and theming for two rides. Between the two rides, over 55 new Lego models were installed ranging from 4 to 11 feet tall, each with a uniquely designed footing, power supply for motors, surround sound speaker system, and thick vegetation to hide the infrastructure. The first ride required an expansion to the existing track with a radius to accommodate a larger jeep to carry more passengers through the ride. The second ride required unique logistical attention and coordination, because of it’s water trough design that did not allow for access of any powered equipment. Steep slopes, slippery water edges, and little spaces to work required clear job site organization for the teams to be productive. The ultimate result of both rides created a pre-historic tropical planting environment with Lego dinosaur models that transport kids back in time where they can interact with extinct dinosaurs.